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8 pm | Hong Kong and Kowloon

Where the trends begin

Mention to any self-respecting fashionista that you’re going to visit Hong Kong, and their face will instantly light up. That’s because, for anyone who loves to shop and covets staying on top of the latest trends and styles, there’s simply no better city to visit. Naturally, we’ve come to find out what the commotion is all about. On a tip, we’ve been told to make sure visits to Star Street and PMQ are on our list. We start on Star Street, and it doesn’t disappoint. You could call it cool, trendy,

sophisticated, flirty, fun, one of a kind, but it almost wouldn’t be enough. Boutique after boutique selling every accoutrement of style. The day we go, we are lucky enough to meet several of the up-and-coming local and East Asian designers who ply their trade creating the latest looks. Although a Hong Kong lease can be expensive, the prices seem reasonable. Abundant variety and the ability to get custom made is what makes shopping in this city rewarding. If you see something you like, it’s quite easy to get it made to your specs. Perfect for those who find themselves constantly saying, “I love it. If only it were in my size.” Our other stop is an area called PMQ. Essentially, it’s a creative hub housed within a former police married quarters, perhaps an inside joke from the designers who have put up shop here today from seeing too many fashion violations and wanting to make them stop. We drop in at a small boutique selling one-of-a-kind beautiful goods. As we browse, the owner tells us a lovely story. It turns out his daughter is the creative visionary behind many of the designs that are sold here. In fact, her talents have helped pay her way through college. Some say the fashion business can be cutthroat, but it’s stories like this that make you think it doesn’t have to be this way. At least not here. Between more stories about his love of aviation and his daughter’s keen interest in using natural dyes to create unique and vibrant colors, we literally could stay here for the rest of the day. But like most of our adventures in Hong Kong sure seem to be, there’s always another one coming soon.

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