Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis where global businesses thrive.
Because business travelers like you play a part in helping to make it happen, we’ve put together some of our favorite travel observations and insights to make your business and leisure travel there a little more memorable. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned road warrior, let us show you the way.

2:25 pm | Over the Pacific Ocean

Welcome aboard

We philosophically believe a great trip should begin long before takeoff. For many business travelers, that moment happens when they board one of our aircraft. And while we take great pride in offering all travelers a memorable and comfortable journey, we’re especially proud of our award-winning premium flight options. If you haven’t flown First or Business Class with us, we’d love to introduce you to some of the details that make travel with us extraordinary.


Upon boarding, you’ll immediately notice a few things that will make even the longest of flights feel infinitely more enjoyable. Our lie-flat Business Class seats are some of the best in flight, making it easy to relax in comfort and privacy. First Class seats even feature personal ottomans and enough space to dine face-to-face with a travel companion. Every seat is designed with business in mind and includes ample electrical outlets and a spacious work area with plenty of leg room. Once seated, you’ll soon be offered a pre-flight drink. Choose from one of our signature cocktails, a glass of bubbly from our fine champagne list or maybe a pint of our limited-edition, highly acclaimed Betsy beer, a brew made exclusively for Cathay Pacific from ingredients sourced from all the routes we fly. Fine coffees and traditional Chinese tea are also readily at hand, as are almost any other beverage you can imagine. If you’re travelling First Class, your beverage will be paired with a starting appetizer such as amuse-bouche, caviar and champagne, or a selection of fine cheeses, to name but a few of our enticing fare options. Of course, there’s no need to fill up too quickly. There’s a lot more coming and we haven’t even departed from the gate.

Getting comfortable

As you get situated, you’ll find a premium amenity kit ready for your use, featuring a bevy of inflight necessities like Aesop lip balm and hydrating creams, and a night mask. For First Class travelers, we’ve partnered with international designer PYE to create comfy, custom pajamas. Many people change into them right away in one of the many spacious lavatories available in your seating area. But no matter how you choose to spend your pre-flight moments, soon it’s wheels-up and time to depart.

World-class hospitality at 30,000 feet

Once it’s safe to move about the cabin, your friendly Cathay Pacific staff will immediately begin attending to your every need with our famous inflight hospitality. Want a warm towel or an extra pillow? It’s coming, along with an endless array of appetizers presented on neatly written parchment mounted on wooden menus. Care to dine face-to-face with a colleague? Ask your cabin staff to help you set up a table extender.

For a more complete experience and to read all the adventures, download our free interactive eBook, “Life Well Travelled Hong Kong“

Appetizers and such

Ever wonder why things sometimes taste a little different on a plane? That’s because at 30,000 feet, your taste buds change due to altitude. To accommodate for this, our executive chefs have worked diligently to design a menu that may well rival some of the best found on Earth. From fresh seafood, grilled prime steaks, on-demand gourmet burgers and Maine lobster to Chinese-inspired classics like double-boiled ginseng-and-chicken soup, as well as custom-made wonton noodle selections, we’re certain you will have every culinary need met. Add in a wine-and-spirit list that would be impressive at any terrestrial restaurant, and you’ve got the makings of a fantastic inflight meal.

Time to relax

After dinner, relax with our amazing selection of 200+ inflight movies, 1,000’s of episodes of your favorite TV, and endless music via your personal entertainment console. From new hit releases to classic masterpieces, get ready to zone out on your own oversized screen, complete with your own personal Bose headset. Enjoy until your heart’s content. Or you get tired. Whichever comes first. And remember, when bedtime comes, we even offer turndown service.

All in all, it’s our wish to create an experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and recharged when you land by creating an experience that rivals many on the ground.

For a more complete experience and to read all the adventures, download our free interactive eBook, “Life Well Travelled Hong Kong“

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