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7:30 pm | Hong Kong

A stroll around PMQ

As a city, Hong Kong is always evolving. And one of the great places to see innovation and change is in a spot called the Police Married Quarters, or “PMQ” for short. Located on the iconic Hollywood Road in SoHo, it’s the unofficial home of the city’s emerging design scene, attracting millions of design lovers from all over the world every year. What started out as a college in 1862 then became a dormitory for the police force. Smartly renovated a few years ago, it’s now home to a flourishing creative environment featuring artists, design studios and emerging tech. Here, you can find the latest trends in fashion, furniture design, art and commerce.

Depending on the day, there’s always an interesting exhibition happening and often, the creator is close at hand, ready to talk to you a bit more about their work and inspirations.

A chance to meet the next big thing.
One of the first tenants of PMQ was Harrison Wong Studio. Founded by Harrison Wong, this shop features an eclectic mix of contemporary men’s clothing and accessories. Wong’s one-of-a-kind designs are urban inspired and have appeared in major fashion reviews all over the world. Walking around the complex leads to unexpected surprises along the way—like the colorful boutique Cilo Cala, which in Japanese loosely translates as “from white,” the origination point of all their stylish bags and footwear that then become translated into a spectrum of eye-popping colors. From shoes and bags to kids clothing, it’s like shopping along a living rainbow.

Art is everywhere here. Literally.
Most days, the visitors who come here are greeted by a menagerie of art, music, pleasant aromas and general positive energy. There are culinary delights from all over the world at every corner, and a sense of discovery at every turn. Stop in at Alice Wild-Luscious, a dessert café owned by a famous Hong Kong actor, and get a scoop of ice cream that can best be described as “volcanic.” With a tiny bit of dry ice in the cup, it looks like a science-fair project but tastes like nothing you’ve ever had. As you walk with your photo-worthy treat, take a moment to listen to live music, or if you’re there on the right day, you may find yourself strolling right into the middle of a flea market.

Style that’s built from the ground up.
Beyond the wonders that are exhibited in the galleries and stores, the building itself is noteworthy from an architectural standpoint. Built after the Second World War, it features clean, modern design that’s typical of this period, allowing for a wide range of uses today. Of course, not everything is totally changed. Some of the original residential units have been converted into guest lodgings that are perfect for visiting artists as they come to the city to host their exhibitions. Today’s PMQ is so easy to navigate, the visitor gets the sense that every space has been perfectly appointed for its current incarnation, right up to the rooftop restaurant and mezzanine floor that surrounds it. A perfect example of smartly repurposed space in a city short on square footage.

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