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9:00 pm | Hong Kong and Kowloon

An evening on the bay

We’ve heard great things about the bargain-hunting fun of Temple Street, and tonight we’ve decided to set out and explore it. But that requires a trip to Kowloon, and to get there from Hong Kong, we need to take a boat. It’s not that we couldn’t take the MTR, but a boat seemed more adventurous and gives us the perfect opportunity to see an amazing view of the Hong Kong skyline at night. Like any absent-minded tourists occasionally do, we get our departure times a little mixed up and have to race

Top: Tourists take photos along the Kowloon Public Pier

down to the wharf to buy our tickets before the boat leaves. Fortunately, they’re sold from automated machines, and we’re able to make up time fast. Tickets now in hand, we race down to the gangway as the last ones on and just make the departure. The boat is a double-decker ferry and looks to seat a couple hundred people. Tonight the open windows are lined with plastic to keep out the rain, but on a clear day, they offer the perfect vista to see the greater harbor. The ride to Kowloon is about 15 minutes, giving us plenty of time to capture a few shots of the Hong Kong city skyline. One need not be a professional photographer to capture amazingly beautiful shots. Between the incredible array of neon building lights juxtaposed with the eclectic mix of modern architecture, this very well may be the most picturesque skyline in the world. Along the way, we pass the illuminated red sails of a fleet of junks, a style of Chinese sailing vessel from a bygone time that still prowls the waters today. When we land in Kowloon, we stroll the Avenue of Stars, a little promenade lined with small boats and commerce ships. There’s even a larger-than-life statue of Bruce Lee, one of the area’s native sons. This already has the making of one of our best experiences yet, and the night has only just begun.

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