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10:30 pm | Temple Street

A night out on Temple street

Part of the fun of exploring Hong Kong is the art of finding the perfect souvenir to take home with you. Hands down, the best place to start is Temple Street, home of the ultimate Hong Kong night market. The main street is named after a Tin Hau temple that the market builds around. The entire block creates an unusual juxtaposition between the spiritual world and the commercial one. The sun begins to set, and like commerce moths drawn to the flame of a burning deal, merchants begin setting up their booths. Soon there

are hundreds of them lined up neatly down the street, many spilling over into side alleys, each one with little twinkly lights, beckoning in any direction you turn. Here, you can find anything you can possibly imagine, being sold: trinkets, jewelry, antiques, clothing, food, electronics, dried medicines, even fortune telling. You may find yourself ambling along at snail’s pace just trying to take everything in, until all the exploring makes us quite hungry. We stop at a booth and indulge in one of the best clay pots that all of us agree we’ve ever had. The food in this city never fails to impress. Strolling on, we pass another vendor. A small jade statue catches the eye. The sale price is clearly marked, but it’s merely a starting point. Everything here is haggled over, and it’s actually part of the fun. Back and forth we go, both the buyer and the seller coming up with more and more reasons to back out of the deal until the agreed-upon price is reached. It’s a process that plays itself out all along the block. We pass a group of fortune-tellers and decide to take a chance on one: a kindly-looking gentleman who could be 70 or 700 years old. Patiently, and with extreme focus, he takes his time to read our faces and then tells us our destiny. As a psychic, the jury is out. But as a nice friend to meet on our trip, he’s worth his small consultation fee. And so it continues as we walk along and bargain our way down the street. All in all, we had a good evening that will at least yield more than a few stories for when we return home.

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