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11:15 am | Sha Tin

431 steps to enlightenment

If heaven is in the sky, logic suggests those who aspire to be there need a way to get there. At the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery, that answer comes in the form of a stairway composed of 431 steps set into the side of a mountain. It is overcast the day we visit. Not uncommon for January, but unseasonably cool, creating a surreal context for our adventure as every breath we take hangs in the air, giving the…

5:15 pm | Worldwide

Beyond these doors, comfort begins

Airport lounges are a ubiquitous sight in any major airport and a needed resource for the global traveler. And as a company, we take great pride in ours because we believe if you’re going to fly a long distance, you might as well be comfortable the moment your travel begins.

Available to First Class, Business Class, select members of our Marco Polo Club and oneworld partner…

Time For Business

3:15 am | Asia

Time for business

The world of business today is global. And although many business customs are standard no matter where opportunity brings you, being successful in Asia requires familiarity with certain unique sensibilities. Additionally, when you’re far from home, it pays to plan out important details in advance…

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